Monday, February 14, 2011

A word of apology. I feel like someone stabbed me in the eye with a pickle.

This is a word of apology to my followers for not posting anything new and/or interesting these past couple of days...ok ok it was more than a couple...

I've been exceptionally busy these past...6(?) days...
I have a lot of school work to do since, due to being in a lot of contests and my inherently lazy nature, I am behind in some classes (e.g. history, geography, etc.) so I'm spending a lot of time studying and the rest of the time resting from the first part.

Also, to add to the fun (thank you Mother Nature) my head hurts like a couple of neanderthals are hitting me upside the head with 300W speakers from Sony Entertainment with a huge "Feel the power" written on the side of them. (if that doesn't make much sense to you, than you are completely and utterly normal...unlike me).

(fun fact: i have a syringe filled with iodine next to me and i have no bloody idea what to do with it, nor do i have a non-bloody idea...)

So, let's make this fun, shall we?
You ask a question in the comments and I will answer in my next post!
You can ask anything that is not too personal (e.g. questions like "Hey, how big is your d***?" are not acceptable)

Have fun! Dumping another random pic:


  1. Daww. No worries, man! Feel better soon, and good luck with the school stuff! :D

  2. thanks man i appreciate it :D
    also dont forget the questions :D

  3. Do you sit in the second seat from behind next to the window?
    What do you think of public transportation in your city?
    Any nerdy chicks in your class?