Thursday, February 3, 2011

More raging and a fail. Also, some comfort and Even Steven

now ain't that confusing...

today has been quite an eventful day...

after not being able to sleep 'till about 3 am last night, a got up at 7 to go to school (beautiful, ain't it?).
I actually got up in time and proceeded to go to school on my bike at ~5°C. After arriving at school, pulling out the icicles that were hanging from my nostrils and defrosting my hands, i went to class to listen to my teacher reading a paragraph by some19th century writer about a grandpa feeding horses...astounding!
with my Croatian class behind me (for those of you who dont know, im from Croatia, a small country east of Italy that's more-less falling apart...) i proceeded to my IT class with my laptop (which i carry to IT class every class since I mostly code during class and on Thursdays it lasts twice as long (a so-called block-class) so it pays off...also they have killer DL speed! youre probably thinking " yaay, torrents, pirating and illegal actions all class!!"...well no...there is an ISP block put in...luckily im smart enough to use a proxy!) and started coding

I immediately started coding my app and finally got to a point in which i can actually run the damned thing...
guess what (room to guess: _________________________)...*zing!* time's up...the answer is *drumroll* THE DARN THING DOESNT BLOODY WORK AS IT SHOULD!...
after raging for 100+ minutes, i had my chemistry class in which i, with a classmate, studied propositional logic...dont say anything, itll all be clear in a second...

following that was another block-class of math *uncheerful "yaay!"*...
but i didnt have to go to the second class cuz i had something else which i will get to in a moment...
teacher handing out the A graded tests.
im not there
teacher handing out the B's
im not there!
teacher handing out the C's..
im...not there?
teacher handing out the D's
im not there...FUUU-
teacher handing out the E's and F's

the irony and ridiculousness of it is that every answer of mine that was wrong, was wrong by exactly *2 or /2 (as in either twice or half the size of the correct answer...fml...) and if i had all of them correct i would have gotten a B easily...

depressed and laughing my ass off (bipolarity ftw) over that, it was time to go to the school tier of the propositional logic contest (see, i told you i was going to explain it!)

start of the test: "ok, dude..this is it...concentrate...CONCENTRATE!"
5 minutes in: "hmm...thought more of this test...this shit's easy...for now...stay focused!"
10 minutes in: *answers a question* *turns page* "huh?...this cant be right? where's the rest of it? what the hell? is that all?! seriously wtf?...*sigh* it would be stupid to hand it in so soon...ill just look around for a bit and waste time till someone else hands it over before me"
20 minutes in: *guys hands in test* "FINALLY!...ok handing it in"
5 seconds after handing it in: *thinking in retrospect* "damn i did that wrong!...meh nevermind itll be ok..."
10 seconds after handing it in: "damn it! missed that too! ok, dude...chill...CHILL!"
15 seconds after handing it in: "omfg how could i have missed that and why did i think of it just now?!!?! FUUUUUUU-!"
35 minutes after handing it in: *results here* "oh is this i dont even....HOW COULD I ACCIDENTALLY THE WHOLE THING?! is this a joke?! how could i be LAST!? i was expecting top 3!! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!!!!" chances have, in 55 minutes, been reduced from "yeah im going to region tier" to "omfg will he let me go to region tier?! *anticipation*"

(for those still reading this, you are insane...also - kudos to you! you are a real marathon runner..or just have too much free time...either one...)

so...went home, again by bike
fortunately, I didnt freeze over!
so i got in front of my garage, was curious so tried to pop a wheelie
built up speed and dared to do it!
needless to say, i fell over and tore my elbows and knees to shreds...
on a positive note, i didnt break my laptop into tiny bits (pun intended), and also none of my clothes got torn, just dirty...

i wont be trying that again any time soon...

got home, told my parents i "accidentally fell from my bike" which is partially true, unpacked my laptop, plugged it in and started trying to figure out what the fuck was up with my VS'10 and my app in it...

long story short: spent all afternoon coding and got nowhere...beautiful...
but im quite relaxed now and in retrospect, the bad stuff and the good stuff kinda cancel eachother out...the professor told me that there is a chance that ill make the regional tier...also im quite confident now that on the makeup test in math class, ill do that makes me....even Steven?

If you're reading this you're probably all like "where's the end, where's the end? c'mon dude!"... ok ok it is...enjoy..

PS:  funny fact - i have noticed right now that i haven't used a single emoticon in any of my posts (comments excluded)...weird...i like it!

EDIT: HE LET ME PASS TO REGIONAL AFTER ALL! *im so excited, and i just cant hide it!*


  1. Wow, what a day you have had, my friend.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's to a somewhat less hectic day in future, yes?

  2. hahaha epic story but seriously, where is the end?

  3. i actually like these kinds of days...all exciting and fun :D

    almost cost me a kneecap tho xD

  4. the end? you're in it! its still ending! the day ain't over yet :D

    probably gonna be mostly blogging and tv xD

  5. Too bad about the tests, man. I Just did poorly on a calc 2 test.

  6. Just remember, busy days are what make lazy days so good.

  7. Sorry to hear that. I like your blog, I'll be following.

  8. @rob: yeah thats what i liked about that day..the day after (or more precisely the night after...just me and my bed...blissful sleeping)

    @zoe: thx =) likewise =)

  9. Coding and getting nowhere? That's my specialty bro, you can get an average salary in the IT industry that way.

  10. hahahha touché but this im doing for my own "pleasure" and for no paycheck xD

  11. lol this is awesome. I love your writing style!


  12. haha thx :D
    also following you =)

  13. Falling apart? Dude!
    We've got 150k jobs opening up! What do you mean falling apart? :D

    Also, I hate it when I can't sleep and have to get up early. It usually happens before exams. Hate it. :S

  14. quoting Jaca: "ima dovoljno radnih mjesta za stočare"...nuff said...:D

    if you want to herd sheep, be my guest, if not, well you're gonna have ot look for a job for quite some time...'cept if youre in a branch of industry which is demanded for in the worls

  15. man you are great, you made me laugh multiple times while reading that! Awesome.


  16. The pic sums it all up nicely lol =)