Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am a winrar!!!

Sort of...

So it's been a while since I wrote a post so I will be quite thorough with this. Maybe...

Well, firstly I will boast about my 8th place on the national logic contest which I'm very proud of. It wasn't a COMPLETE success and top 5 would've been better (just 6 fucking points away!) but that's that...
Oh, and take into account that most of my rivals had 1 year's worth of experience more with logic contest than me since we can go to that contest in 3rd or 4th grade high school and I'm 3rd grade...
My teacher chalked my 8th place to lack of experience and has high hopes for me! Yay!
Better luck next year I guess.
Also, unprecedented as it is, two guys are sharing 1st place and both are from my school! It's a huge blow to our sworn rivals, the 5th Gymnasium!
We sure showed them! Also, hopefully, our sponsor will be generous with the prize fund! I get 18.7% of it!!

Also, I nailed a couple of other contest like physics and algorithm programming.

On the personal life front, influenced by our little group of people who go on these contests, I started listening to reggae, chill out music and the such, and am spending a lot more time with them. Awesome!
My brain also hurts from all of the disjunctions, conjunctions, implications, equivalences, negations, deductions, derivations, contradictions, quantificators and other complicated terms and symbols.

Using the following legend, I will symbolically show you my state of mind:

m - me
Mx - x's mind is full of fuck

x (x=m → Mx)

(you see my point now? no? ok.....)

Again, a huge apology to any of you who missed my ridiculously senseless posts and comments and were wondering where I was.

PS: I have a huge biology test tomorrow and the last 3 days (including this one) was the national logic contest which would mean, in most cases except this one, since it was held in my town, that I would have arrived home just tonight, so I have no idea by what logic (ZING!) had the professor concluded that we'll be ready for it...FML...

PPS: A fellow asked me:
Do you sit in the second seat from behind next to the window?
-No..well yes in one class, but that's it.
What do you think of public transportation in your city?
-Shitty, so I use my bike to get around.
Any nerdy chicks in your class?
-Yeah! Since it's somewhat a "nerd school" almost all of them are! 

Feel free to ask anything (normal) in the comments!

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