Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My laptop is da SHIT! Also, me going berserk...

no, really, it is...
or more precisely, my OS is (Windows 7)...
and i mean really REALLY shit(ty)...

Warning: may contain excessive violence and  me going batshit insane.

I have been frustrating over this for some time now - my laptop has the tendency to overheat during extreme multitasking and/or running of some CPU intensive games (no not games like Assassin's Creed 2...they are GPU intensive...i mean games like Minecraft that snort up CPU power the way Lindsay Lohan snorts up candy sugar...)
My CPU's maximum running temperature is 105°C (Core i5 430M) and the temperature averages about 80-90 when under stress (its ~50 normally). BUT the thing is, the temperature sometimes spikes for a fraction of a second then comes right back down. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal since, even in idle mode, it sometimes jumps to 75 from the normal 40-50 when doing nothing, then comes right back down, BUT Windows 7 is being a faggot (no offense intended) and just shuts off power completely when temps reach 100+ zone, even if its for just a fraction of a second...and it does this WITHOUT ANY WARNING a.k.a losing all the shit you've been doing beforehand and corrupting files that were saving/being modified/being read at-the-time...beeeeautiful...

lets get a BIG "HOORAY" for microsoft...

PS: why doesn't windows have any kind of temperature monitoring software integrated with windows?...for the love of god, C'MON!


  1. i got a pretty criss school laptop, i wish i owned it though

  2. It's not really the operationg systems fault you are having hardware issues. Don't blame bill gates. :P

  3. @alphaplpha: well mine is a work laptop...a really "heavy lifter" one...so heats up in an instant

    @TR: its not a fault...oh no! it's "a feature"...
    and its not hardware...the software auto-shutdown's the laptop when temp reaches crit-level...its the no warning system that pisses me off...

  4. Get a laptop that doesn't overheat? I dunno. Sounds like you have some problems on the inside that shouldn't really be there. I'd get it checked out. Burning sensations are usually bad...

  5. it doesnt smell like the plastic is burning and 90% of the time i keep my hand in front of the vent (not obscuring it) to heat it up since it can be COLD here...only sometimes does the heat get too much, and only when i put my had directly on it (obscuring it) as in directly near the heat source...
    and i *heart* my laptop...its awesome...:D

  6. 105°C? holy shit, i've never seen my desktop go above 64°C

  7. I don't mind burning sensations when it comes to laptops, it rather keeps me warm, which I enjoy. =D

  8. @gamerman: yeah thats what i said! but i dont like windows shutting off every 2 seconds cuz of it
    @syxiv: well its all relative...its not the actual absolute temp that counts, its the distance to maximum working temp that counts (in my case 105°C)

  9. I thought you got new laptop at first.

    That really sucks.

    Also, Minecraft can't even run well with my gtx 460. It's more due to Notch being a lazy dev than it is the OS or hardware.

  10. >I thought you got new laptop at first.
    its working and all but has short spikes in core temp sometimes

    >Also, Minecraft can't even run well with my gtx 460.
    probably due to a low end processor, since gpu's dont actually do anything for the game performance

    >Notch being a lazy dev
    you trippin' dude...he and his team work their ass off...the game is cpu intensive and they cannot change that...the game is complete, more or less, with just a few bugs, and all they have to do now is make new content for it...

  11. I have a similar problem. My laptop is just really shitty.

    Following and supporting.

  12. WIN 7 rules dude! Grats! http://waaaaio.blogspot.com/ my new blog

  13. nothing about everything, eh? sounds interesting enough :D following :P

  14. have it...helps A BIT...its the short lasting spikes in temp that bother me...and they're there no matter what
    not using my cooling pad just makes the "normal temp" about 100 so im dead without it :D

  15. My laptop is on the verge of snapping in half. Literally.


  16. Same here, mate! Had this problem on my Acer, having that problem on my Toshiba. Sucks. :S
    Also, yes, Croatian; currently residing in Zagreb! :D

  17. Hope you get shit fixed yo.

  18. My bro's laptop has the same crap goin on'. Try keeping it elevated.

  19. @rankulus: good job bro xD

    @mydayinasentence: i have an acer too..coincidence? i think not!
    also glad to meet someone from croatia on here :D

    @rob: yeah nothing really i can do about it...just gotta watch for the temperature...

    @gamerman: well i tend to keep it on top of the cooling pad at all times but i cannot carry it around all the time...