Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have struck gold

Obviously, not literally, since I would be in Australia right now sunbathing while the rest of my family freezes here in the winter. I am cruel.

What I meant to say is that i have found a band that makes the most energetic, empowering music that I've heard. EVER.
I found out about them a couple of weeks ago and I cannot, for the life of me, get enough of them.

They are called God is an Astronaut and I'm sure a lot of you heard about them. If you did, then read no further since what is written here either contradicts your beliefs or is saying stuff you already know. Either way, bye.
For the rest of you, they are a post-rock instrumental ensemble that have a wide variety of song pace, rhythm and mood - from slow paced, emotional ones, to fast paced energetic wake-me-up-make-me-feel-like-i-drank-two-gallons-of-coffee ones.

An example of the former is:

and one of the later:


  1. I used to be such a huge fan of God Is an Astronaut, but I totally forgot about them until this post. Thanks for reminding me. You're awesome! :D

  2. I'll give them a go.
    Also, where yre you from?
    Following and supporting, mate! :)

  3. I like your blogging style. Very unique!


  4. Hi! I think I heard about this band quite some time ago. Sounds amazing :)

  5. They're good, but nowhere near as good as GY!BE or Mogwai imo.

  6. It's a good feeling when you find a band you can always listen to. Good job.

  7. Wow. These guys are awesome! I have been looking for some chill bands to listen to. Definitely going to pick up some of their stuff. Listening to angry Death Metal all day can be really tiresome.

    Following your blog. You should check mine out as well! :D

  8. i stumbled on GIAA a while back. every time they come back on my itunes i get so happy xd

  9. finally getting around to actually answer all of these...:D

    @SnailMailHate: thank you very much :D

    @my day in a sentence: Croatia, mate. And im sure you wont be disappointed :P

    @Rankulus: yeah i just write whatever comes to mind first, so this blog will basically be a projection of my twisted mind :D

    @Murray Rothbard: hi ti you too. yes they do sound amazing...such powerful melodies i cant get enough :D

    @DanielM: ive heard of them just never got around to actually listen to their stuff...will do in the next few days tho' :D

    @Rob: yeah its one of two bands that caused that effect on me in this intensity (the other one being Queens of the Stone Age)

    @Fighthesky: i know the feeling, cant just keep listening to Vader, CC, Dying fetus & others all day...just looses its appeal...
    following you too :D

    @Abdyli Interests: i guess that i made you happy...that makes me happy :D

    @Rose: no probs ;P

    @AllShallPerishx: thanks =)

    (wow...text...lot of it...)

  10. I'll give these guys a shot, thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Good song!
    Hope to hear more from you,

  12. Never heard of them before....but very good indeed

  13. Woah Thanks for introducing me to these guys I love them so far. They sound a lot like one of my favorite bands Innerpartysystem except a bit more chill and well composed I think I actually like these guys more.