Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome, me

Well, you're probably thinking "What the hell is this? Is he mad?" The answer is yes, I do like turtles.
Also, this is a web browser projected in an operating system projected on a monitor presumably by a series of dots called pixels which consist of three parts, each projecting one of three colors which together can make 32bit colors, to answer the other question.

Now that I have you properly confused and wondering, I won't clarify one single thing because i won't.

The reason for making this blog is simple - I was bored and I had a blog before so I was feeling nostalgic. Unfortunately i completely forgot the web address and it was too juvenile to be useful anyway since i made it when i was...3rd grade elementary i think? Oh who cares, nobody's reading all this anyway.

All in all, I'll keep this blog semi-regular posting everything that comes to mind (which implies that there will be a lot of random posts).

Cheers to you young sir or ma'am.
I bid you welcome.


  1. Glad to see you joining the ranks! Loved the video about the Holy Frag grenade.

    Here's to interesting future posts, sir!

  2. 'tis appreciated, kind sir!

    to a brighter tomorrow and to good times!

  3. better than the traditional awkward first post. followan

  4. Welcome, you!